Monday, November 6, 2017


What does it mean to appreciate something? It means to see and feel the beautiful gift of something…to love it…to be thankful for it. The best way to celebrate the holidays is to appreciate all the gifts that God has already given you! 

Take time to smell the salty ocean air. Take time to listen to a bird’s song. Appreciate the softness of your puppy’s ear or the beautiful smell of the cookies that your mom is baking. Appreciate the warm bright sun on your face and the cool splash of a wave. Notice all the beautiful colors of flowers and wildlife. (Iguanas are amazing!!!) Nature is another name for God and loves to be appreciated! Appreciate your family. They love you so much. When you sit down for Thanksgiving dinner appreciate everyone sitting with you, the prayer that you say, and the wonderful food you eat.

Appreciate friends; they are such important gifts to you from God. And, don’t forget to appreciate your teachers... they want you to learn and grow and be the very best you can be!

Appreciate this time of year and the story of Jesus’ birth, and the miracle of love that you feel when you are thinking of that amazing story. Take time to appreciate the beautiful music, the brilliant candlelight, and the sparkling of the Christmas tree in church. Most of all, feel the love radiating from everyone coming together to honor the Christ Light; it feels so peaceful and good.

Appreciate being you. Take time to think about the beautiful unique child of God that you are. No one expresses God like you do! You have inner gifts of wisdom, love, strength, courage, peace and understanding and your own unique way of expressing them makes you special, like no one else. Who you are is your real gift. Appreciate all you have to give in just being you! I appreciate you and love you so much.

Merry Christmas!

from Miss Laurie

On this and the next page I’m sharing a few favorite ways for you to enjoy the holidays and appreciate those you love. Remember to appreciate yourself and have fun!

Thursday, August 24, 2017

The Perfect Time!

The Perfect Time

God’s always glad to hear from me 
And listens to what I say. 
I can talk about my problems, 
And what’s happening in my day. 
I give thanks for all God’s given me: 
My family, my home, my friends. 
I talk to God as each day starts, 
And as each day ends. 
Yes, God is always with me- 
 Every second of every day. 
So, every time I say a prayer is the perfect time to pray.
–RenĂ©e Riede

 I love this beautiful prayer written by a Sunday School student just like you! It reminds us that 
anytime, anywhere is the perfect time to say a prayer. 
God is always with you, always ready to help you, always listening to you, and always loving you. 
There is no mistake that you could make that would ever change this. 
God is always with you, always ready to help you, always listening to you, and always loving you. 
The more you pray, the more you feel God inside as peace, strength, wisdom, love and joy. 
The more you pray, the more you see God everywhere: in people, pets, family and yourself! 
The more you pray, the more you hear God: in music, in nature, in laughter and in silence…shhhhh. 
  When you pray, remember to stop and listen…listen carefully.  
   Be ready for an amazing feeling…God is an amazing feeling. 

Anytime, anywhere is the perfect time to say a prayer.  When you pray, you become a blessing for God because your beautiful energy blesses the whole world. So…please pray! And remember, a prayer can be just a couple of words…like Wow! or Thank you! or Help! or I love you, God! 

Beautiful child of God…the perfect time to pray…is right now. I love you! 
Oh…and Happy Halloween!!! 
Miss Laurie 

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Unity Youth - I am always for my foundation in Unity everyday!

When he was 94 years old, Charles Fillmore wrote the following affirmation: “I fairly sizzle with zeal and enthusiasm and spring forth with a mighty faith to do the things that ought to be done by me.”
 How wonderful to affirm such energy and vibrancy!

Friday, June 16, 2017

Believe with All Your Heart

God is so amazing! And God is in you, which makes you amazing too! You are an amazing child of God! This means you have within you powers to do great things. Think of them as super powers from God— powers to create what you pray for, and what you dream of; these are powers to heal you and bring you all the happiness and love you can imagine!

Jace and his new kitten.
What are you praying for? What are you dreaming of? Did you know that the most important part of your praying and dreaming is your part in it? The most important part of your prayer and your dream is really BELIEVING it is possible. Your believing brings your answered prayer and makes your dream come true.

One of your greatest super powers is BELIEVING with all your heart that God always loves you, that God always hears, and that God always helps you. This is where amazing things begin!

Jace is four years old and a student in our Sunday School. Like you, he is an amazing child of God. For a year and a half, Jace had been dreaming and praying for kitten to love and care for. More than anything, he wanted a kitten for his family. Jace believed with all his heart that someday they would get one.

One day, Jace’s dad, who is a fireman, received an unusual call. A family was hearing “meows” inside a wall of their home and they did not even own a cat or a kitten. The fire truck and rescue team went immediately to the home where they too heard the cries of a small kitten! Using a saw and a thermal camera to sense the warm body of the kitten, Jace’s dad very carefully opened several holes in the wall until he could find the very frightened furry little kitten.

He pulled the kitten to safety and enfolded him in loving arms.

After the amazing rescue and a trip to the veterinarian, Jace’s dad brought the kitten home. His family named him Wally. You can guess how he got his name! Jace’s—and Wally’s—prayers were answered and their dreams came true!

We never know how or when our prayers will be answered, but like Jace, we must always believe in God’s love, and trust in God’s amazing ways.

Always remember how much God loves you, hears you, and helps you. Believe with all your heart that anything is possible today…and it will be.

Say this affirmation: “Something amazingly awesome is going to happen to me today!” 
Then look for it!

Thank you to Jace’s dad whose name is Jeremiah Tomasini, and to the Broward County Fire Department, and to the family who heard Wally’s cry for help, and to Jace…for always believing and sharing God’s love with us.

You are all amazingly awesome children of God!
Jeremiah Tomasini (l) holding the grateful rescued kitten,
and (r) fellow Broward firefighter rescuer.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Beauty In the Beast

One of my very favorite stories is Beauty and the Beast. It is a story that teaches us that love can change anything. It is a story that teaches us that even in a beast, there is a kind and gentle heart; there is a Spirit that wants to give; there is a light that wants to shine and a child of God that wants to love and be loved.

Belle could see the beauty in the beast. She looked for the good, the gentle, the forgiving, the courageous, the God in the beast…and she saw it. She saw a friend. I can imagine a prayer Belle may have been saying: “I see you God…God I see you.” In the end, everyone sees the beauty in the beast— his identity as a prince. The prince had forgotten he was a child of God; he forgot how loving and kind he was, so a spell was cast on him to help him to remember. Belle showed him how to love again. As soon as she began blessing him with kindness and love, he began giving kindness and love, and the miracle happened. You may see someone acting like the beast, someone who forgets how to love— who forgets that they are a child of God. Even when someone chooses to be hurtful, selfish, or angry, there is God in them, and somewhere there is love to be found. This does not mean that we must allow anyone to treat us unkindly. We can walk away and pray. We can quietly bless and see in our prayers someone better, someone healed, someone loving and someone loved.

So… remember behind a mask is a beautiful child of God just like you! And whenever you see someone acting “beastly”, remember for them who they really are. Pray, “I see you God…God I see you.”

When you do this, you will feel the beauty in you, and you both will be blessed!

Monday, March 13, 2017

The Gift of Forgiveness

Is there someone you need to forgive? Think about it for a minute. Have you felt angry, hurt or embarrassed because of something someone has said or done?

Your feelings are so important and it’s natural to feel sad and hurt when we are not treated with love and respect— when someone makes a mistake and chooses hurtful words or behavior. You might even think or say, “I’ll never forgive you,” but this only really hurts you. Forgiving someone doesn’t mean what was said or done is okay. Forgiving means that you choose peace for you and not anger.

Forgiving means choosing love for you and not hurt. Forgiving means choosing kindness for you, not embarrassment. You see, forgiveness is for you to heal and to grow closer to God. God wants to help you to forgive, so remember to pray and ask for God’s help. Every time you forgive you win inside.

This is one of the greatest things Jesus taught us: The more we forgive, the more love we feel for God, for each other and for ourselves.

What about you…do you need to forgive yourself for something you may have done or said to others or yourself? Sometimes we are unkind to ourselves with our words and our thoughts, believing that we are not good enough and saying we are “stupid or dumb.” Forgive you! When you are angry or upset with yourself you hide your beautiful light that is meant to SHINE!

Everyone makes mistakes; this is how we learn and grow. God loves you so much. That means God loves your successes and your mistakes because they are all a part of you.

The most wonderful way to celebrate the life of Jesus is to live like Jesus. Pray. Forgive. Love. And always remember this: You are a beautiful, amazing, miraculous, incredible child of God. Nothing can ever change that!!

Happy Easter!

Friday, January 13, 2017

5 Powerful Thoughts…Think of These to Make The Perfect Beginning to a Year Filled with Love! By the Reverend Laurie Durgan

1. God is all good and active in everything, everywhere. 
You live in a beautiful world! You make it beautiful! It is beautiful when you see it as beautiful. God is in everyone and everything everywhere, and God is good, but you must look for the good to see it! God is in the oceans, butterflies and flowers, spiders, snakes and thunder. God is in the bully who is unkind and the darkness when you turn out the light to go to bed. Open your eyes and say a prayer and see that God is everywhere.

2. I am naturally good because God’s Divinity is in me and in everyone.
You are here to be God in this world. People feel the love of God when they feel your love. People see the light of God in your smile. They hear God’s peace in your kind words, and they are blessed by your special spirit. Everything you will ever need is already within you. Strength, courage, peace, love, joy and wisdom are all there; you just need to quietly remember this in prayer. Jesus said, “Even the smallest of you can do all that I have done and GREATER! Nothing is impossible for God.” You and God are amazing!

3. I create my experiences by what I choose to think and what I feel and believe. 
Your thoughts create your life, and you are the one who thinks your thoughts! You get to create your life! Jesus said, “…believe and you will receive…” Believe in the power of God in you. Whatever it is you want to see in your life, pray it, believe it, and you will see it. Say this often silently and out loud: I look for good and good I find, for I attract what’s in my mind. You will be a magnet for all the good you pray for.

4. Through prayer and meditation, I connect with God and bring out the good in my life. 
The most beautiful prayer you could ever say is one from your heart. God loves you and you can talk to God like a friend. Nothing is more important than spending time talking and listening to God. God speaks to you in your thoughts, feelings, ideas, nature, dreams and in the peaceful silence. When you remember to take just a minute or two to pray and listen, you will feel better.

5. I do and give my best by living the Truth. I make a difference!
No one is like you! You are amazing, and God created you to be you. You are the light of the world. You are loveable and important. When you do your best and give the world your best, you are shining your light! You are perfect just the way you are, and God loves you sooo much!

Happy New Year!