When I was little...like you...and I felt worried or scared about something, my mom would always say, “Everything is all right honey, it’s all in D.O.! D.O. was kind of a code at home to remind me of God, to remind me to pray, to remind me that God is all powerful, all knowing, in all things...and in ME. Even when I didn’t feel good...even when I couldn’t see very well...these two letters D.O. reminded me that good was there because God was always, always there.

The letters D.O. were “code” for Divine Order. These were two important words I learned in Sunday School. Divine means God...so thinking, or saying, or praying Divine Order reminded us that we can relax and rest, because God is in everything, and always will be. something is lost

Divine Order
‐ the perfect words when: 

* you feel worried or frightened
* you are tired and have much to do
* things don’t go your way
* you have a fight with a friend

Saying Divine Order...even whispering Divine Order puts YOU in order because you remember God. Putting God first is Divine Order...it is praying for God’s way of good in two words! When you feel out of order, quiet time with God in meditation and prayer puts your feelings in order. And if you are very very still... you will hear a voice inside of you say, “Everything is all right” and you will feel loved...and you will know that everything is in D.O.

With much love from Miss Laurie

No Worries! God is in Charge!

By the Reverend Laurie Durgan

Have you ever felt like you just couldn’t do something all by yourself? Maybe you’ve said, “I’ll never be able to do this!” You may say this to yourself when you are trying something new for the first time and feeling butterflies in your tummy. You may hear these words in your head when you don’t believe in yourself…when you forget who you are. You see, you never do anything all by yourself, because God is in you!

It’s natural to have these thoughts and feelings, but they don’t help you, do they? What will help you is remembering that there is a Power inside of you that can do and be ANYTHING! That Power is God! It is also helpful to remember this for others, when they forget that there is a power inside of them that can do and be anything too!
God is in charge of everything in us and all around us. So…no worries! It is so easy to forget God is in charge and that we don’t have to be. Prayer and meditation will help you to remember and feel that God is in you and in the world. God is always, always with you, within you, and all around you. Imagine yourself wrapped in a blanket of God...wrapped in love, wrapped in strength, wrapped in peace, wrapped in joy.

I pray that when you feel worried or afraid, or when you doubt yourself, that you will remember that God is in charge, in you and all around you. I pray you remember that you are an amazing child of God and you are never alone.  God is always in you.

No worries…relax…have fun. God is in charge!
Love you,
Miss Laurie